Penderecki Ida Bieler CD

Released: March 2004

Penderecki: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2

Ida Bieler, Nina Tichman

Violin Sonata No. 1:
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Allegro vivace

3 Miniatures for Violin and Piano:
4. Movement 1
5. Movement 2
6. Movement 3
7. Cadenza (arr. C. Edinger): Cadenza for solo viola (trans. C. Edinger)

Violin Sonata No. 2:
8. Larghetto
9. Allegretto scherzando
10. Adagio
11. Allegro
12. Andante



Raymond Tuttle | Classical Net
“With cellist Maria Kliegel, Bieler and Tichman are members of (wait for it) the Trio Tichman-Bieler-Kliegel, which was founded in 2001. Bieler and Tichman are expert musicians, and there’s nothing that they don’t give to these performances, which were recorded in 2003 by German Radio.”

Jed Distler |
“Violinist Ida Bieler’s dynamic and impassioned interpretations ooze accomplishment and commitment in every bar, to say nothing of pianist Nina Tichman’s robust tone and ability to sustain long lines in continuous arcs (the first sonata’s Andante is a case in point)…excellent engineering…For this premiere recording of the second sonata Bieler and Tichman set high standards that future interpreters will have to work hard to match. Fine booklet notes by Richard Whitehouse add to my enthusiastic recommendation. 10/10”

Arnold Whittall | Gramophone, June 2004
“Everything here is well performed and responsively recorded… Naxos continues to do Penderecki proud.”